Paw v0.24.0

Paw v0.24.0

May 3, 2024

Paw v0.24.0 is out! This release focuses on enhancing the user experience by improving favicon downloads, form validations, and fixing various display issues. It also paves the way for supporting browser extensions, introducing an initial implementation of the native messaging protocol.

About the Favicon Downloader

To fetch the favicon for a login item, we interact with the website you’re adding.

How It Works

The Favicon Downloader starts by visiting the website’s page and only scans the HEAD section of the HTML to find favicon details. If it doesn’t find anything there, it tries one last fetch from the /favicon.ico URL.

Usage Frequency

This tool is triggered only when you add or update a URL for a login item, keeping external requests to a minimum.

User Agent

The downloader uses a specific user agent to make HTTP requests, which is important for users who monitor their network traffic or manage website security.


Paw is dedicated to being privacy-centric and completely transparent about its external connections. If you’re uncomfortable with the favicon downloading feature, you can disable it in the Preferences section.